How To Cool Down a Laptop Without a Cooling Pad

Keeping a laptop is an expensive hobby. It’s a big investment, especially when you invest in a gaming laptop. As a pro gamer, I always used to think about How To Cool Down a Laptop Without a Cooling Pad because It was difficult to carry the cooling pad with me every time I used to go out. However, playing games without a cooling pad was nearly impossible due to the substantial heat produced by GPU and CPU. That was the worst scenario for me.

Many manufacturers focus on laptop designs and the factors involved to keep the machine calm. Ultimately the designers ensure the best cooling system in the machine to keep the temperature as low as possible. The center of attention is CPU design and GPU for gaming laptops. I have tried and tested some unique methods that may be common for some readers, but I would like to share How To Cool Down a Laptop Without a Cooling Pad because the cooling pad never came with the laptop.

Best methods How To Cool Down a Laptop Without a Cooling Pad

> Power off the computer

Machines behave like the human body. The human body needs some rest after a hectic schedule. Same as with machines. The machine also needs some rest to cool down its components to avoid overheating and prevent serious damage. In the case of gaming laptops,

it is recommended to switch off or shut down your laptop for at least 10 to 15 mins after immense use of the machine. The ideal temperature of the laptop is around 71-80 degrees Celsius. However, once the CPU starts lagging, please turn off your system and give it a rest.

> Avoid using a Laptop in a Hot Environment

Please do not use it in a hotter area, such as under the sunlight, in the kitchen, near the heater, or on fire. Such an environment is dangerous. You know what? I’m saying this because these gaming laptops or pc work at a high temperature, and getting hot is normal. However, when this temperature increases to 100 degrees Celsius, this is not good for your laptop’s health. It would help if you worried about this before it turned out to be the worst.

> Open the CPU fan grill

The laptop fan is attached to the heat Sink of the CPU. When the fan starts according to the requirement of the system, it throws out the hot air outside the laptop through the CPU fan grill or small vents. When it gets too hot, open the CPU fan grill towards the solid surface where you put the laptop, this will improve the air circulation. By doing this, the laptop will cool down.

> Use a Vacuum Cleaner or Compressed Air

Sometimes your laptop fans get choked, the ventilation system stops, and hot air is stuck inside the laptop. It will ruin your laptop components. It would help if you used a small vacuum
cleaner to regularly open the dusty vents fan grill. Moreover, users can also use compressed air as an energy source to remove the dust from their system and provide a safe passage to the hot air that exhausts their system.

> Plugged in Charge when it’s off

It doesn’t come as a matter of whether your system is on or off when you plug in a charger in the AC supply. However, if you want to charge a laptop speedily, turn it off because plugging in charge will cause overheating and is not good for the battery lifespan. You can remove the battery if you want to use it on an AC supply.

> Remove the external devices.

Remove all the charging and USB devices from your laptop. It creates lots of heat in your system. Normally people don’t bother with such things and avoid them; they later pay for this due to their negligence because these external devices consume more power from your system and weaken your system components.

> Reset Your Laptop settings

If non of the methods are working, try to reset your system settings to the factory reset. It will change the settings to the default ones, which will work now.

> Water Cooling Kit for Laptop

It would be the final solution and maybe the latest method of cooling down your laptop. Through this method, water moves by a pump inside the pipes, and pipes circulate the components of your laptop. This way, heat mixes up with water and will disappear momentarily. It is the quickest method and is better than a cooling pad; however, if pipes get leaked, they will fail your laptop and become a complete failure.


The cooling pad is an optional choice if you want to make an addition to your gaming laptop cooling system. It’s totally up to you whether you will buy it or not. If you can afford it, then go for it. This is just a recommendation if you don’t want to use it then leave it, above mentioned methods would work for you to cool down your system.

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