How can I keep my laptop cool in bed while gaming

A laptop is a very handy and flexible machine. You can carry it anywhere at home and across the city wherever you are. Suppose you are tired and want to use your laptop where you feel comfortable, like a sofa bed or couch, and you place a laptop over there. After some time, you will notice It will produce heat because such surfaces are not cooling-friendly. These soft surfaces will act like an insulator.

Now a question is being raised in your mind: how can I keep my laptop cool in bed, especially while gaming?

The result will be the same whether gaming on your laptop, listening to songs, or watching videos. Once the airflow gets disturbed, the overall circulation will be affected. These surfaces block your laptop’s small holes/vents, so the component produces heat, and the entire system gets heated up

Gaming laptops work in Higher temperatures, up to 85 Degrees, which is normal if you have a machine from a renowned company with a higher GPU and CPU. As a gamer, you might worry about how I can keep my laptop cool in bed while gaming because such machines work under load more than normal laptops. Don’t worry; I will share some cool tips so your machine won’t be overheated on the bed or other soft surfaces.

Tips on How I can keep my laptop cool in bed while gaming.

Tip#1: Use a solid surface

Using a laptop on the bed while gaming is not a bad idea. However, so much soft stuff on the bed, like blanket foam, can cause overheating inside your laptop. Small holes at the bottom of your laptop are not only for design but also for ventilation purposes.

When the laptop fan pushes the hot air outside through the holes, it doesn’t even get out of your laptop because the soft surface acts like an insulator and resists the hot air sticking inside the laptop. Therefore always use a solid or sturdy surface while gaming on a bed.

In this regard, lap desks are a good choice. You can use these lap desks without moving anywhere. These lap desks are lightweight to carry and are made of solid wood, allowing hot air to exhaust out of the laptop easily.

Tip#2: Buy a laptop bed stand

Buying a laptop bed stand for long gaming sessions is a very good idea if you don’t want to get up and use your laptop table. These laptop bed stands are easily available in the market at low prices. It also uses a solid surface and is available in multiple designs and shapes. You can adjust this bed stand while lying down.

You can also use these bed stands for multiple purposes, like watching movies on a tablet, playing games, reading books, or using them while eating without spoiling anything on your bed.

Such bed stands also decrease the fire risks due to overheating; now, you can imagine how important it is.

Tip#3: Cooling pad or External Fans

Buying a particular laptop according to your specific requirements is difficult. Still, once you have finalized what machine you will buy from the market, the second most important task is to buy a laptop cooling pad. Many gamers often call it a gaming cooling pad. Various types of cooling pads are available in the market; you can buy the one that fits your laptop.

As a gaming user, you must have one due to extensive RAM use and long gaming sessions. It provides excellent cooling, and it cools down your laptop. It is connected to the USB port in your system.
These cooling pads consist of external fans, which provide additional cooling to your laptop apart from the internal vacuum fan. The purpose of this fan is to improve the cooling in your laptop interior, prevent it from overheating, and avoid the risks of damaging your machine.

The cooling pads do have 5-6 fans inside the tray. When these fans run simultaneously, it significantly reduces your machine’s gaming temperature, whether using such pads over the bed or on a laptop table. Every gaming laptop must need it. You cannot imagine gaming without cooling pads, especially on a bed.

Cooling pads are responsible for maintaining your machine’s temperature because once you start a long gaming session, your GPU and CPU start overheating. When these processing units run at high temperatures, all the other components will automatically overheat. External fans or cooling pads are a good investment overall.

Tip#4: oscillating Cooling fan

It is one of the best methods to cool down your laptop while gaming on a bed. These fans can move back and forth. These fans can throw the air in different directions in your room. No matter if you are lying on your bed, sofa, or couch. These fans can provide the cool breeze that gamers need. However, choosing the best is a tough decision among the best ones in the market.

First, look at room size and estimate which one would be for your room because room temperature plays an important role in cooling your laptop while gaming. You might find pedestal fans or tower fans in the market. But in my opinion and according to my experience, pedestal fans always do the job for your laptop. These fans can move the cool air across all parts of your room, so this is a good choice.

Tip#5: Connect your laptop to Room TV

Using the latest TV or LCD, you can connect your laptop to the TV with an HDMI cable. But you won’t be able to play games. You can only watch movies and surf the Internet. You would also need the wireless mouse and keyword if you put your laptop over the table and connect it to the TV. This method would not heat your laptop, and you can enjoy surfing while staying in bed.

Tip#6: Clean Your Device Overall

In such Tips and techniques, don’t forget the basics of your gaming laptop. Cleaning is an essential element in terms of preventing your laptop from overheating.

Cleaning prevents it from getting overheated and increases your laptop’s lifespan. It improves the airflow system in your laptop and stabilizes its temperature. After every 0 months, clean your laptop components such as fans, open the dusty vents, change the thermal paste of the CPU, etc. This way, you won’t get overheating issues while playing games in bed.

FAQ about how can I keep my laptop cool in bed?

Q-how do I stop my laptop from overheating in bed?

A– Use a proper surface where you will put your machine; it should be sturdy and solid; room temperature should be maintained so the laptop stays cool and works efficiently.

Q- how can I use my laptop in bed?

A– Use a proper bed desk for the laptop. It is adjustable, preventing your blankets and bed from catching fire.

Q- is it bad to put your laptop on your bed?

A– Using it over the bed is not bad, especially when tired. It is not good for your laptop because soft stuff like a sofa foam blanket starts to work like an insulator if you use a laptop on your legs or the blanket.

Q- Can I use an ice pack to cool my laptop?

A– This is the worst idea if you do such stuff. Many people use ice packed with many clothes, but once such clothes or packing leaks, it damages your device and may permanently cause failure.

Q- How can I keep my computer cool without a fan?

A- Honestly, this is not possible to keep your gaming laptop/PC cool without cool fans. It would help to have external cooling fans or pads to cool your laptop, especially while gaming or using extensive applications.

Q- Do laptop cooling fans work?

A– Yes, it does work. You have got one fan built-in with your laptop. For additional cooling, you can attach a cooling pad with multiple fans.

Q- Can laptops cause fires in bed?

A– Yes, using the laptop on the bed is dangerous. There are always high chances of fire hazards. Laptops contain lithium batteries that can burn and catch fire because they get so hot when you use them for long sessions and use them while the plugin and charging.

Q- how can I cool down my computer fast?

A– No such things are available that can quickly cool down your laptop or pc. Cooling devices or Fans need at least 30 min to cool down your system once the heating is at its peak.

Q- Can I cool my laptop in the fridge?

A– Dumbest to cool down your laptop in the fridge. It will lead your laptop towards failure, nothing else more than this.

Final words:

How can I keep my laptop cool in bed while gaming? Cooling pads are a good choice for using gaming laptops on the bed. However, Proper sitting arrangements can also reduce the risks of getting the laptop hot and prevent it from burning. Gaming needs your attention, but when you are in bed, you can only surf the internet, watch movies, and so on; the bed is not a place to play games. Still, you can play games in bed after adopting such precautions.

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