7 Simple hacks to cool down your laptop while gaming

Is Your Laptop Getting Hot while gaming? I know it’s frustrating, especially when you die a heart gaming player. Lagging breaks your momentum and pauses mess up your mode. I have Researched Personally and Got to know some very Simple hacks to cool down your laptop while gaming.

Gaming Industry has changed. It’s not as it used to be. It is More than a passion or time pass stuff. Nowadays, people are taking it as a profession and a full-time job. Whether you are a student or an Engineer, a Housewife, etc., all ages of people are streaming full time and taking gaming as a career because it has a scope. Technology has changed Everything.

Laptops Usually start lagging due to overheating, so instead of rushing out and thinking about changing them. Let’s discuss and try implementing 7 very simple hacks to cool down your laptop while gaming.

7 very simple hacks to cool down your laptop while gaming.

1- Change Laptop thermal paste
2- Change or clean the Laptop Fan
3- Use Cooling Pad
4- Use SSD to Improve performance
5- Use Hard Surface while Gaming
6- Use Undervolting Method
7- Change System Settings

1- Change Laptop thermal paste

Thermal paste Grease paste plays an important role in your laptop cooling system and this is one of the best and most effective hacks to cool down your laptop while gaming. The thermal paste would help, if you did not ignore it besides implementing other important stuff to cool down your laptop while gaming, such as upgrading hardware, cleaning or changing old fans, etc.

Thermal paste is a liquid type of stuff often used to cool down your processor and prevent it from overheating. For instance, if you are continuously gaming for 10-12 hours at one stage, your laptop will start getting heated up, so the thermal paste will cool down your processor and won’t let your laptop lag.

Normally We have to change it after 2 to 3 years, depending on the usage of the laptop. Still, once it dries, you must change it as soon as possible. Otherwise, your laptop’s temperature will rise, your system will start lagging, and you will face heating issues. If you are a little technical person, you can unscrew or open the laptop to change it yourself; otherwise, you have to find a specialist to do this for you.

2- Change or clean the Laptop Fan

Generally, every laptop/PC has one fan, but gaming laptops normally have more than one fan. These Fans provide the best airflow system in your laptop so that your laptop won’t get heated up & overall performance won’t be affected. However, once fans fail, overall system performance will be affected, and your laptop will start heating up.

How will you get to know whether your fans are working properly or not? The first and major signal of fan deterioration is that you will hear a grinding noise inside your fan socket where it moves. If it’s creating any noise, it simply means it’s time to change the faulty one and replace it with a new one.
Secondly, get closer to your laptop fan and try to hear a fan’s voice. If there is no sound, it simply means that one of the fans is dead, and you need to change it as soon as possible before a big problem in your system occurs due to overheating.

3- Use Cooling Pad

One of the best hacks to cool down your laptop while gaming is a cooling pad. It is often called an external laptop fan or cooling device to cool down your highly intensive devices. This is a very inexpensive method of cooling down your gaming laptop; you can easily find such cooling Pads/Mats on the market at reasonable prices. These pads consist of fans that reduce your laptop component temperature and save extra battery percentages and the battery’s overall life. Generally, people think it consumes more battery power, but this is not true; in reality, cooling pads blow out the warmer air from the bottom of your laptop and keep your CPU cool.

You can put your laptop on the cooling device and plug it in with the USB port, so the external fans start working over. Generally, this (10 – 35 degrees C) is a good temperature for your laptop to stay cool and work fine.

4- Use SSD to Improve performance

Most of the time, upgrading the old hardware is the best option to overcome your system-related issues. Overheating is a common problem during gaming because your gaming system has tons of heavy gaming applications and software working on High graphics and frame rates. These applications need lots of space, and the CPU requires a Good temperature. In this case, If you are using an SSD which is a solid-state device, it provides a good speed shock-resistant and is non-mechanical (Flash). It improves your battery timing and your RAM consumption and CPU usage.

Traditional HDD ( Hard Disk Drive ) has mechanical moving parts which read and write data. On the Other hand, an SSD has no moving parts; it stores data in chips. SSD is more durable and flexible and acquire less space.

SSD is expensive and very sensitive hardware. For instance, by mistake, if you drop your laptop on the floor, the SSD will be damaged, and you would need to replace your storage device & data recovery is also difficult. In the case of the HDD, it has a high span life compared to the SSD, and data recovery is also easy and cheaper, and you can use HDD to store a large amount of data.

5- Use Hard Surface while Gaming

The hard surface is ideal for your laptop while gaming or without gaming. The surface matters for your machine to stay cool. You should always maintain the temperature as low as possible. Please don’t keep your laptop on a soft surface, such as a sofa over the blanket, even on your legs; it’s a bad practice. Using it on a bed is a bad one as well. Always use a flat or solid surface so your laptop won’t get heated.

It is recommended to use a laptop table, especially while gaming, because gaming laptops always run a heavy application with a high frame rate and graphical settings to enjoy your gaming experience. When you use a laptop table or flat surface, the warmer air will blow out from the edges of your laptop. The temperature of the components inside the laptop will release the hot air, your CPU won’t be overheated, and you will get good results in terms of laptop performance and speed boosted up.

6- Use Undervolting Method

Undervolting is a technique by which you can reduce the voltage level supplied to your entire system, especially the CPU. When your CPU is overloading, all the other components of your laptop become Hot, and your system starts lagging. So this is a good way to make your system more efficient and reliable to enhance your gaming experience. Through this technique, you will get good speed with low power consumption. Such hardware has a very short life span. This method also increases the lifespan of your gaming laptop and its components.

7- Change System Settings

System/Laptop overheating is a common issue. In this regard, settings also play an important role in running your laptop smoothly while gaming. Believe me or not, I must share some settings to ensure your system temperature is at a lower level. Check your BIOS settings and make sure at which temperature your laptop fan will work fine and maintain that temperature in your device.

Secondly, Keep your laptop drivers up to date to run programs smoothly and hassle-free. There is much other free software available in the market through which you can monitor or track the temperature of your laptop. You can easily download such software from Google. I must say this software, like CrystalDiskInfo, and Core Temp, become very helpful while tracking and maintaining your system temperature.

Precautions to prevent your laptop from overheating while gaming.

1- Clean your laptop regularly, like every six months, to get better results from your device.

2- Turn on the regular updates. All the software must be updated. So that your system won’t lag and you will enjoy your time.

3- Clean your laptop fans weekly or monthly, remove the dust, and change the faulty ones.

4- Before gaming, always try to change your frame and graphical settings to lower ones; as much as you use a High Frame rate and graphical interface, you would have more overheating issues.

5- Try to bring a Gaming table that makes your gaming experience much better than before, as soft surfaces are not recommended for such heavy devices.

6- Try to keep your Room temperature cool and your device friendly. Always turn on the fan or air conditioner, especially gaming. It does matter a lot.

7- Don’t try to use too much software and Applications at a time. Always check your task manager and close unnecessary applications.

8- Give rest to your laptop in intervals for long life. Please don’t use the laptop the whole day because it’s a machine that needs some rest as a human does.

9- Try to avoid your gaming laptop from sudden shutdowns

10- undervolt is a good method to Run your CPU on a lower voltage power. It reduces the heat of your entire system.

11- Apply the thermal paste on the graphic card and CPU; it maintains the laptop temperature.

12- Do not use your laptop while charging, especially gaming; it seriously decreases your laptop battery life and heats your entire system. Your system will start lagging, and the temperature will be on a High note. Avoid doing this.

13- Don’t use your gaming laptop in the sunlight. This is the worst idea if you are a gamer and have an expensive device. As mentioned in the above tips, you have to keep your laptop surrounding temperature normal so your device will stay cool. Sunlight can become bent or twisted out of the shape of your laptop’s plastic components, so don’t take sunlight in a lighter way.

14- Apart from routine maintenance, you should also check your laptop charger. This can be a reason sometimes, and we never notice it. The charging slot is directly connected to the motherboard. It supplies the required power to the internal components, but if it’s not working properly, you need to worry about this issue because this issue causes overcharging of your device, and eventually, you end up losing any of the important components on your motherboard. When you have such an issue, change it as soon as you can. You can easily rectify your charger issue. At this point in time, your laptop will be charging late and would be heated up more unusual than normal.


The above provides hacks to cool down your laptop while gaming is very useful whenever your laptop temperature rises above 80°C. The normal temperature is 75-80°C. You can also do some temperature checks with your gaming laptop. If the temperature rises, follow our useful tips mentioned in detail above. If you are not technical, don’t try to unscrew your laptop. You need to hire a technical person to fix it up for you; otherwise, there is a possibility you can damage your expensive gaming laptop.

If none of the above-mentioned methods or hacks to cool down your laptop while gaming then there is a possibility that any of your system hardware is not working properly. The problem is there, so you have to find out the exact component which is faulty and replace that faulty hardware component before it gets to damages your system further.

Last but not least, thousands of new games & highly intensive applications are launching every day, so you would need to check the requirements of those games and applications such as Red Dead Redemption 2, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and so many other games and applications which have high graphics. In this case, you must regularly check out the related forum specific to your laptop and the applications you are going to install on your laptop.

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