10 Best Cooling gaming Laptop in 2023

If you are a die-heart gaming laptop user or planning to buy one for yourself, this is for you. Searching for the best cooling gaming laptop is challenging, whether you use it for gaming or other high-end user applications. Every user’s concern is how to keep gaming laptop cool.

Cooling systems are responsible for running power-intensive tasks smoothly on your laptop. It doesn’t matter if you use a High CPU and GPU, Big SSD, or an expensive machine. There must be an efficient cooling system built into the machine.

While Choosing the best cooling gaming laptop CPU plays an important role. CPU receives the input and delivers it to the suitable component to get the desired results at output. Games are processor-intensive applications it consumes more power than usual, so the processor needs to be strong enough to bear such a heavy load.

Generally, ordinary people use the quad-core system to perform regular tasks like schooling, office work, surfing the internet, etc. However, such quad-core machines are not an excellent choice for gaming, so what should be the specification of the best cooling gaming laptop before buying?

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All to know before Buying the best cooling gaming laptop

The first thing you need to check into these laptops is the cores of the laptops. I.e., as a gaming user, engineer, architect, or video editor, it would help if you had more cores in your system to perform your task faster than quad-core. It should be around 6 to 8 Cores (octa-core chips). It must be made of AMD or Intel; these are the two giants in making processor-sensitive chips.

You must check the TDP ( Thermal Design Power ) TDP refers to heating measures like how much heat your system chips or processors will generate when it runs at High temperature with a full load. You must be aware of this before buying such an expensive machine.

Another powerful component in a gaming laptop is GPU. GPU is the heart of a system having power-intensive applications and software. It should be assertive and faster to get more efficient performance and good results from your system. It also creates lots of heat; again, TDP plays a vital role when selecting a gaming laptop with fewer thermal issues.

Another essential factor that should not be ignored is the machine’s design. Large machines would give you large cooling vents and ample cooling space so your machine won’t get overheated.

CPU and GPU are the two main ingredients in gaming laptops which create lots of heat. In small machines, During gaming, CPU temperature increased to 90-95 degrees Celsius and GPU temperature to 75-85 degrees Celsius, respectively. If you are using a large laptop machine, you will get big fans that are usually thin and faster. These fans will throw the heat out of your system more effectively than a small size of the machine. That’s where you get the advantage of having a considerable machine size.

Apart from the sizes of laptops, their manufacturing material does matter a lot. For the best cooling gaming laptop, manufacturers used two materials such as plastic and aluminum.

Let’s talk about plastic first; plastic does not have a heat resistance capability. If the laptop chassis were made of plastic, it would melt at 90 to 100 degrees Celsius due to CPU and GPU overheating. On the other hand, aluminum metal has all the abilities that a user wants and the manufacturer likes.

First of all, aluminum has a heat omit capability. Secondly, it is lightweight, and 90% of electronic-made manufacturers like it. Big names are also using aluminum like apple uses in MacBook. In aluminum-made laptops, a heat sink (aluminum made ) is attached to the CPU. It can also be made of copper, which exhausts the CPU and GPU heat out of the laptop through laptop vents/Holes.

Usually, heat sinks work on the principle of thermal conductivity, how good the metal is at absorbing the heat flow and moving it away from the source via natural conductivity. Heat distribute equally in the heat sink, dispersing with the help of air produced by a laptop fan or non-electrically conductive liquid.

Many people will ask why not use steel instead of aluminum if steel is cheaper than aluminum. An electrical discharge is higher in aluminum compared to steel. Steel is less flexible than aluminum. That’s why manufacturers use aluminum in small or large electronic items.

Nowadays, you can get thin and small laptops due to the flexibility of the aluminum material, so always go with the aluminum-made gaming laptop instead of other materials.

Cooling also depends on the method of cooling and how the manufacturer provides cooling to the CPU and GPU in the machine. There are two main methods of cooling in Best Cooling gaming laptop. The first is a conventional method of heat pipes, and the second is a vapor chamber cooling method or vapor chamber cooling system.

In best gaming laptop cooling system, heat Pipes are the most effective way to transfer heat from one point to another. The heat pipe is a superconductor and works in low-temperature heat recovery or high-temperature heat recovery systems. The heat pipe is a two-phase heat-transferring device. It works on the principle of vaporization and condensation of a liquid. Heat enters the pipe from one end in the form of fluid, covert into vapors, and hits the condenser end. Once the fluid hits the other end, it travels back to the heating End in the chamber, and the process continues. It decreased the temperature of the heating and improved the processor performance.

A Vapor Chamber is a heat pipe shaped like an irregular box. It operates on the same principle and is no more efficient given the same coverage and contact surface. But because it can be stamped into whatever floor plan you desire and does not have the additional walls of a multiple heat pipe design; it usually has better coverage and contact area. It is more expensive because stamping dies are expensive, and they typically require perimeter laser welding, which is also expensive. At around 4~5 pipes, a vapor chamber reaches cost parity with heat pipes, not counting the tooling; this one is the best method to provide the best laptop cooling.

I will share the list of the 10 best cooling gaming laptop and why you should buy these laptops in 2023.

10 Best Cooling gaming laptop in 2023

  • Here is the List of the Best Laptops of 2023

1- ASUS ROG Strix Scar 15 – Gaming Laptop

ASUS ROG Strix Scar 15 - Gaming Laptop


  • Lightweight
  • Slim
  • HD Display
  • Best Design


  • Little Bit Expensive
  • No Touch
  • Extra Slim

Incomparable Processing Speed –

Asus ROG Strix Scar is top of the chart on our list of best cooling gaming laptop because of its speed. It is 12th Generation intel laptop with multiple cores (6 P-cores and 8 E-cores) extra fast (Core i9-12900H) processor with a 24M Cache and 5.0GHz clock. The aspect ratio is also good, which is 16:9. This is also very good for streaming.

Best Realism RTX Graphics –

Asus ROG Strix Scar also provides ray-traced graphics features like Deep Learning Super Sampling. DLSS technology improves overall image performance. It also increases the frame rate display and image resolution. Strix Scar comes up with GeForce RTX 3070 GPU that boosts your overall system performance.

Intelligent Ambient Cooling –

Asus ROG produces the best laptops that have good cooling systems with top-notch cooling technology, and curved shape noise-free fans also maximize the airflow in the gaming laptop and upgrade the cooling system. Thermal Grizzly also cools down the processor and makes the system temperature normal.

Rapid-Fast Visuals –

Visuals are extra fast 3ms response time with a 15.6” FHD/300Hz display.

Multiplexer Switch –

Multiplexer Switch is often called MUX., in which the users can enjoy the enhanced display or save the battery because GPU directly communicates with the display and reduces delays.

Load Time is Rapid –

Say goodbye to slow loading time because Asus ROG has 1Tb SSD and 16Gb DDR5 RAM that is best for gaming.

A light bar RGB keyboard –

You will be given multiple LED backlights in the RGB keyboard; you can set the lights for the keys of your choice. While in a simple LED keyboard, you can get only one light.

Extra Features –

It also has 5.2, 1x Thunderbolt 4 Bluetooth, Range booster wifi, Type-C, Type-A USB, and 1x 2.5 Gbps LAN.

ROG also has a noise cancellation microphone and a large 90WHr Battery that lasts up to 6hrs.

2- Razer Blade Pro 17 – Gaming Laptop

Razer Blade Pro 17 - Gaming Laptop


  • Best For Gaming
  • Best Processor performance
  • Display 360Hz, 120Hz, and 165HZ refresh rate
  • Next Generation Display
  • Easy to Upgrade
  • Lots of Ports Options
  • Best Cooling System
  • Graphics are excellent


  • Compromised on Battery
  • Discharge Early

Visual and Graphics –

Razer Blade Pro provides cutting-edge AI features for the best and most stunning graphical experience with a 2nd-gen RTX award-winning GPU. These types of GPUs are heaven for gamers. NVIDIA GeForce made such GPUs with cutting-edge features, RTX 30 series.

CPU Performance

This Pro 17 machine runs AAA games very smoothly without sweating yourself. The CPU is built with Intel Turbo Boost Technology 8-Core 10th Gen system. It will increase your gaming experience.

Next-generation Display

To meet your gaming needs, Razer Blade Pro 17 came up with ultra-fast 360Hz FHD. You can also enjoy a 4k clarity next-generation display.

Superlative Cooling system

This is one of the best gaming laptops that stay cool. Such high-performance gaming laptops need a unique cooling system to maximize the excellent user experience. . Pro 17 cooling system work through a vapor chamber cooling system to evaporate heat through condensation and makes the heating source cool down and never get CPU and GPU heated up.

According to the user’s reviews about the powerful cooling mechanism in a gaming laptop, this device is an example of the best laptop cooling device.

Extra Features

It has a UHS-III SD card slot with excellent built-in Wifi and an extra fast charging port.

3- Apple MacBook Pro – Gaming Laptop

Apple MacBook Pro - Gaming Laptop


  • Display is Best
  • Battery Backup is Excellent
  • Processor is Next Generation
  • Cooling is Great


  • Apple Products are Expensive

Massive CPU & GPU

A tremendous jump in GPU, CPU, and machine learning performance with the Apple M1 Pro or M1 Max chip

Faster Performance

Macbook built with a 10-core CPU, you can complete pro workflows twice as fast never than ever.

4x faster GPU

MacBook Pro can bear the load of Graphics-intensive apps and games. Those who work on 4k displays can take benefit from up to 32-core GPUs with up to 4x faster performance.`

5x Faster Machine

This machine is 5x faster machine than other gaming laptops. It has a massive learning performance with a 16-core neural engine. Amazing.

Longer battery Timings

The battery lasts longer, up to 15 hours. Longer battery life, which is a fantastic feature of this machine.

Unified Memory

Supreme memory Up to 64GB of unified memory runs every task as faster as possible. Superfast SSD storage of 8TB opens up apps and files furiously.

4- Alienware Area 51M – Gaming Laptop

Alienware Area 51M


  • Cooling System is Advance
  • GPU is Best
  • Powerful CPU
  • Design is Outstanding
  • Overall Performance is Good


  • Very Costly Machine

Immense Memory

Alienware Area 51M is the first gaming laptop that has 32GB & 64GB DDR4 memory at 2933Mhz & 3200Mhz.

Advanced 2.5Gbps Connection

File Transfer is lightning-fast with the R2 feature standard ethernet 2.5Gbps connection.

TactX keyboard

The Alienware TactX keyboard features N-key rollover technology and 1.7mm key travel for rapid response to any keystroke.


If you buy such an expensive machine, you might think, How to cool down Alienware laptop? Then dont worry; it has an advanced cooling system.

Extra Features

Alienware Area 51M is an upgraded model of the gaming laptop. It has an excellent cooling system, powerful CPU, and GPU. An upgradability option is available, and the design is simply revolutionary

5- ASUS ROG Strix Scar 17 – Gaming Laptop

ASUS ROG Strix Scar 17 - Gaming Laptop


  • 17.3″ 360Hz IPS FHD Display
  • Per-Key RGB Keyboard
  • ROG Intelligent Cooling
  •  Full HD (1920 x 1080)
  • Design is Good
  • Very Easy To Use


  • Expensive Laptop
  • No Touch

8GB GDDR6 Graphic card

ROG has an 8GB GDDR6 Graphic card with a dynamic Boost of 125W + 25W. It increases upto 1460 MHz at 150W

GPU MUX switch

GPU MUX switch improves the system performance, communicates directly with the display, and improves image quality.

Latest 12th Gen Processor

ASUS ROG has a built-in Intel Core i9-12900H 12th generation powerful processor. 14 cores, up to 5.0 GHz, 24M Cache

IPS Type Display

You will get Full HD (1920 x 1080) display 360Hz Refresh Rate.

Intelligent Cooling system

The best gaming laptop heat management system shows how powerful your machine is, Strix Scar 17 provides 0dB Ambient Cooling with Arc Flow fans and liquid metal thermal Conductonaut

Additional features

ASUS ROG Strix Scar came up with Windows 11 Home super fast SSD DDR5 4800MHz RAM, Wi-Fi 6E with RangeBoost and Bluetooth 5.2 and 1x 3.5mm Audio Jack, 1x 2.5 Gbps LAN

6- Eluktronics MAX 17 – Gaming Laptop

Eluktronics MAX 17 - Gaming Laptop


  • Battery is Good
  • Amazing Performance
  • Dual fans
  • Cooling is Best
  •  LED-backlit display


  •  CPU or GPU Throttling in Games


With mobility In Mind, this is the slimmest gaming laptop you will get on the market. Its lightweight battery performance is up to the mark, and it weighs only 5 lbs. it is incomparable.

Core i7-12700H processor

The Intel Core i7-12700H processor features 14 cores and 20 threads to divide and conquer multiple tasks at the same time.

RTX Graphics Card

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti (8GB dedicated GDDR6 VRAM) supports up to 150 watts with Ray Tracing Cores, Tensor Cores, and streaming multiprocessors.

Color Accurate Display

It has an IPS-Type LED-backlit display with a 16:9 aspect ratio and a 17.3″ Quad HD display with a thunder-fast 240Hz refresh rate for gamers with the best visuals.

Why choose Eluktronics

This machine is very Extraordinarily dynamic; It has a Competent Design. No External Branding. No Bloatware(software using more memory). Such laptops are specially designed to meet the user requirements like gaming, work, play, and creative work!

7- Lenovo Legion Pro 5 – Gaming Laptop

Lenovo Legion Pro 5 - Gaming Laptop


  •  large 4.7 x 3-inch touchpad
  • 2560 x 1600 resolution
  • Bigger Cooling System
  • Price is Cheap
  • Good for Gaming


  • Battery Timing is 4Hrs

Legion Pro 5 Specs

Lenovo Legion has 1TB NVMe SSD storage and 16GB DDR4 RAM. Moreover, It has AMD Ryzen 7 5800H 8 cores high-performance processor, which enhances your gaming experience.

Real-Time Ray-Tracing

You can experience real-time ray tracing’s depth and visual allegiance with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 graphics.

(2560 x 1600) Display

Legion 5 pro gaming laptop has superb color quality and features a 16″ WQXGA (2560 x 1600) display for full-allegiance gaming.

Extra Features

Lenovo Legion Pro 5 has Nahimic Audio for Gamers, Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C, DisplayPort, and WiFi 6 with a signal booster.TrueStrike keyboard with RGB backlight

8- Razer Blade 14 – Gaming Laptop

Razer Blade 14 - Gaming Laptop


  • Cooling is Good
  • Performance is Good
  • Design is Good
  • Speed is Good
  • build quality is High


  • keyboard is Constricted
  • Cant Upgrade RAM

Aspect Ratio

The Aspect Ratio of Razer Blade 14 is:16:9

Graphics & Visuals

For good Graphics & Visuals results, Razer Blade 14 is Built on NVIDIA’s 2nd-gen RTX architecture. These GPUs provide the most realistic results while gaming. It actually boosts your gaming experience.

AMD Ryzen processors

Whether you are playing gaming, compiling software, or doing other 3D work, AMD Ryzen processors provide superlative performance: AMD 5000 Series processors are potent next-generation processors, providing one-of-a-kind mesmerizing experiences.

Ultra Clear Display

Razer Blade provides a 165Hz QHD Ultra Clear Display to enjoy the gaming experience and better performance.
Maximized Thermal Performance

Maximized Thermal Performance

This machine does have a vapor chamber cooling system to maintain the GPU and CPU temperature under control, and the cooling system never allows the source to produce more heat and heated up the inner temperature. That is why Razen Blade 14 has proven to be the best cooled gaming laptop.

Extra Features

Razer Blade 14 offers windows upgrading option with a single click from 10 to 11 using a windows update. It has an RGB Lighting keyboard and offers supreme graphics and faster loading times.

9- Razer Blade 15 – Gaming Laptop

Razer Blade 15 - Gaming Laptop


  • Slim design
  • Modern Made
  • HD Display
  • Easy To Use
  • Cooling is Good


  • Expensive Machine
  • No Touch Option

70% faster GPU

Razer Blade 15 has GeForce RTX 3070 Ti GPU that is 70% faster than RTX 2070 SUPER laptops. The frame rate per second is also reasonable, 100 frames per second at a high resolution of 1440p.

Cutting-edge Powerful CPU

To perform crucial tasks like 3D work, video rendering, and playing games, this intel Core i7 14-Core CPU is the best option at this price. Built-in Cutting-edge Powerful CPU. This 12th generation Razer Blade 15 machine fulfills the user requirements.

FHD 360Hz Display

FHD 360Hz Display maximum frames rate improves the refresh rate and gains the advantage at the highest level.

Razer Blade 15 Cooling

As a Razer blade 15 users, so many gamers ask me the same question how to make your razer blade run cooler? I answer everybody, “Airflow system. The Razer blade 15 air flow system is the best in the laptop market. It ensures the best cooling and decreases the razer blade overheating.

Razer blade heatsink upgrade

The Razer blade heatsink upgrade option is also available on the laptop. Once it gets faulty, you can remove it and replace it with the new one to keep your CPU & GPU running smoothly. It is often called a laptop GPU cooler and laptop CPU cooler.

Overall Performance

DDR5 4800MHz Memory makes the laptop faster, improves loading time, and magnifies the gaming experience. Its vapor chamber cooling system also plays its part in the thermal cooling system, which increases the laptop’s performance.

10- Dell Gaming G3 15 3500 – Gaming Laptop

Dell Gaming G3 15 3500 - Gaming Laptop


  • Price is Reasonable
  • Good resolution and display
  • Latest Design
  • Dual Fans
  •  Refresh rate is 120hz


  • Standard trackpad

FHD Display

Dell Gaming G3 has a 15.6 inch (1920 x 1080) FHD Display with LED backlight.


Dell Gaming G3 15 3500 has an Intel Core i5 10th generation system that is very good for gaming with 4.5 GHz.

Best Cooling System

The most powerful internal laptop fan ensures thermal cooling in the laptop, and Its sharp blades also provide extra cooling in its built-in cooling system.


Overall resolution & display is excellent.


The list I have provided above regarding the best cooling gaming laptop, that are the best gaming laptops. All Laptops with best cooling systems are tried and tested personally. If you are going to buy a gaming laptop with best cooling, then select anyone from above mention list of 10 best cooling gaming laptop. These are the best laptops of 2023 so far.

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